F2J, operating in the market for 23 years, reinforces its communication strategy by investing in web 2.0, namely with the optimization of LinkedIn and Facebook and the creation of Instagram and Pinterest, as well as a YouTube channel.

The company is investing in these social media channels to spread the news of the company and the brand to its customers, potential customers and professionals in the sector.

According to the Marketing department of F2J, investment in these digital tools is extremely important. “Speaking and interacting directly with the public, sharing information, is essential to create and maintain a close relationship. We are increasingly seeing public participation on these platforms – expressing yourself and being ‘heard’ are common attitudes today. ” He adds that “these tools are, without a doubt, channels of greater and faster access to a public, in turn, more diversified, in relation to some of the traditional means of communication.” The investment in the use of these platforms is intended to complement the communication actions already carried out regularly by F2J.


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