Coating and Shading blades

protect from the incidence of solar radiation


One of the most important challenges with regard to energy efficiency in buildings relates to controlling the entry of sunlight. The most efficient way to achieve this control is by placing an external shading system. A correct implementation of this system will reduce the need for air conditioning, without interfering with the advantages of natural light entering the building.

Shading blades

Since there are several models available on the market, shading blades are aesthetic and practical solutions that protect the building from excessive sunlight.
They allow the regulation of light, achieving notable savings in the interior air conditioning of buildings, thanks to the creation of shadow areas that reduce the incidence of sunlight to which they are subjected.
The style of the shading blades gives the building a contemporary look. This style can be enhanced by using colors or finishing the elements.

Coating blades

Traditionally called ventilation blades or shutters. With a strong aesthetic sense, these lamina structures were developed mainly for the exterior cladding of areas in need of more demanding ventilation. They allow natural ventilation and controlled lighting of the environment. Each shutter model has specific advantages according to the need for ventilation, the size or the extension of the area to be covered.


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