Guards and Railings

essentials to prevent accidents


The security of your home or company is something that deserves special attention and, among so many existing resources to increase the protection of the building, the guards have a special emphasis.

The type of guards to adopt can become an arduous task in view of the infinity of existing models, almost customizable to the client’s taste. From the classic style emphasizing the robustness of aluminum to the contemporary minimalist style, there are several possible combinations and adapt to the aesthetic and safety requirements, combining the reliability and durability of aluminum.

Glass guards

The glass guard is currently the solution that meets the new architectural trends: more glass and less aluminum.
Simple in design, and always aiming at the functionality and structural security that are required, its application is diverse: from residential activity (residential buildings, hotel rooms and hospitals) to the provision of services (offices, restaurants and shops) to places of public reception (public access to buildings and commercial areas).

Guards on traditional systems

They can be made entirely of aluminum or combined with glass. This system allows the execution of railings and guards with the capacity to respond to the needs of any type of housing, however original its forms may be. The variety of finishes in conjunction with the diversity of types makes them adapt to any type of decoration. With the use of glass it is possible to achieve the refinement required by modern architecture.


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