Blinds and External Venetian

adaptables to the architecture of any building



Rolling aluminum blinds are designed to provide maximum comfort and well-being, being excellent technical and decorative solutions adaptable to the architecture of any building.
The sheets of thermo-lacquered aluminum, with injection of medium or high density polyurethane, allow excellent results in terms of resistance, durability, and thermal and acoustic insulation.

They can be made to measure with manual or motorized activation.
Due to the wide variety of existing systems and colors, they are able to respond to any need, and the most efficient and flexible form of solar and light control.

The combination of thermal laminate blinds with a monoblock box of good performance, definitely improves the properties of the window.
In order to prevent strong sun exposure, protection is essential in every home.
The monobloc blind, glass and window profiles, combined in a single element, are essential factors to achieve energy efficiency.
It is not possible to have windows with high insulation performance, if the performance of these three elements is not perfectly harmonized in the set.


External Venetian are external curtains with adjustable blades, manually or motorized. They allow to control the sun exposure that affects buildings and a considerable reduction in energy consumption. They allow a better distribution of natural light in a flexible, versatile system with a remarkable aesthetic.
They are the ideal solution for the protection and shading of building facades, as they reflect about 80% of the sun’s rays. In addition, following the requirements of modern architecture, with a tendency for large glass facades, these blinds adapt easily to large dimensions.


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