Building facades

better energy performance, less moisture and greater structural protection


“Glazed aluminum facades can replace solid walls to transform a common room into a sublime space”.

From classic to contemporary, from rustic to urban, façade systems are designed to meet the highest demands of the architecture and construction sectors today. They offer unlimited creative freedom and guarantee maximum transparency, even the facades exposed to the most adverse climatic conditions.

They allow integration with various opening systems. They are the perfect solution for architecture.

CURTAIN FACADE: It refers to what we technically call light facades.

VEC FACADE (structurally bonded glass): Commonly referred to as a “hidden facade”.
The term is used to designate the facade whose glass is structurally glued to the aluminum profile. Only the glass and the joints between glass are visible from the exterior of the facade.

VEP FACADE (attached exterior glass): Facade with a minimalist or semi-hidden view.
Contrary to the VEC system, the profile used for the manufacture of the frames incorporates a “flap” that fixes the glass thus avoiding gluing. The glass is attached to an aluminum frame of reduced expression and subsequently fixed by pieces and screws that ensure the transmission of the inertia efforts to the base structure.

VEB FACADE (embedded glass with bite): Facade whose glass is attached to the aluminum profile through the application of bites, covering the frame where they are placed.
From the outside the glass and the peripheral bites are visible, usually with square cuts, and the joints between bites.

STAPLED FACADE: Type of facade where the interior glass of double or triple glazing is mechanically tied with continuous or point clamps.
From the exterior of the facade, only the glass and the joints between glass are visible.

VERTICAL TRAMO FACADE: As its name implies, the vertical linear visual effect is obtained by the “absence” of horizontal exterior profiles.
Only vertical profiles and the horizontal joints between glasses are visible from the outside.

VERTICAL TRAMO FACADE: In this type of facade, the horizontal linear visual effect is obtained by the “absence” of vertical exterior profiles.
Only horizontal profiles and vertical joints between glasses are visible from the outside.

PACKED FACADE: This type of facade is ideal when you want to have an exterior facade made only of glass.
It is composed of tempered glass or tempered laminated on the outside and secured inside by steel spiders that connect to the structure in aluminum profiles. The advantage of this system is that it allows the application of different coating materials: glass, wood, aluminum, ceramics, etc., always using the same fixation method.


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