ANFAJE – National Association of Efficient Windows Manufacturers, represents the manufacturers of efficient windows at a national level (windows that, due to their technical characteristics, contribute to the reinforcement of the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings).
F2J is present once again at number 30 of ANFAJE with reference to an iconic work in Vizela with a project conceived for the City Council.

This time the theme is the importance of watertightness in the installation of efficient windows.
This work is the result of a bold combination of aesthetics, safety and production technology, whose new generation of Cortizo façades has all these characteristics.
It is a striking, differentiating and ambitious building, whose exterior is covered with glass by Cristalmax and which represents a balance between art and technique and beauty and functionality.
This construction of straight and minimalist lines, with the supremacy of mirrored glass, contrasts with the architecture of the surrounding space, in a perfect symbiosis between modernity and traditionalism.

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