ANFAJE – National Association of Efficient Windows Manufacturers, represents the manufacturers of efficient windows at a national level (windows that, due to their technical characteristics, contribute to the reinforcement of the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings).

F2J is present in newsletter number 27, under the theme “ANFAGE supports a project that promotes SME exports”.

This number is focused on investing in the export and internationalization of companies.
According to this publication, in recent years, the economic recovery of companies in the Windows, Doors and Façades Sector was notorious, mainly due to the increase in urban renewal activity, as a result of the increase in real estate investment. However, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a slowdown in the pace of the launch of rehabilitation works, while shaking the confidence of private customers who want to improve the thermal and acoustic comfort of their homes. Once again, entrepreneurs had to reinforce their resilience and reinforce their entrepreneurial spirit (historically demonstrated in previous crises) in order to resist and overcome new obstacles and vicissitudes.

To overcome and manage this new situation, ANFAJE has continued to defend the need for companies to invest in the digitization of the Windows, Doors and Facades Sector and to reinforce their online presence. In the last edition of Feira Concreta and the last National Meeting of the Sector, held in 2019, the association had already held several workshops with specialists in the field of digital marketing. In 2020, the European Ecological Pact (Green Deal) reinforces and poses a strong challenge for companies in the construction sector.


The emphasis of the news about F2J is on the multifamily building with thermal cut frames and the Hidden series, highlighting the detail of the profiles designed to meet the needs of great comfort combined with contemporary aesthetics, marked by a minimalist expression, the main characteristic of the windows. Hidden Leaf system. The combination of this system with selective low-emission double glazing provides high thermal insulation benefits, in addition to comfort and savings in the four seasons.
With a strong aesthetic sense, this type of structure was specially designed to ensure control of sunlight and improve privacy, protecting buildings from the effects of heat and direct light.

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