Tilt and Turn

toppled or opened according to need


Tilt and Turn 1 Leaf

Tilt and Turn 2 Leafs


  • Facilitate ventilation without opening the entire sheet
  • High insulation and tightness capacity
  • Provide greater energy savings
  • Huge ease of cleaning

Tilt and Turn windows are quite versatile, being used in several types of environments. It is, perhaps, the most widespread type of window.

They carefully combine the advantages of the casement window with those of the tilting window, offering their main characteristics: they have the option of opening completely or just “tilting” a part inwards. In this way, ventilation can be done in whole or in part. It is this second option that allows you to ventilate the house without opening the entire sheet.

The handling of these windows to switch between one type of opening or another is very simple, just operate the handle (cremone).

The capacity of thermal and acoustic insulation and the high degree of watertightness coupled with the possibility of partial ventilation ensures a good seal while protecting against external intrusions.
This type of window is ideal not only for homes, but also for other types of buildings such as hotels, schools and commercial establishments.


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