Functional and easy to handle



  • Absolute functionality – Very easy to open and close
  • Simple use for better ventilation
  • Maximizing space
  • Wide range of applications
  • Ideal for tall or hard to reach places

It is one of the most common typologies. Tilting windows are extremely functional and easy to handle. As the name implies, the windows open tilting by generally using a lever type lock, that is, the axis of rotation (hinges) located at the base allows the leaf to partially open until it is in the diagonal position. This type of opening to the interior allows regular entry of air and the environment is moderately ventilated, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

Tilting windows are a unique model in the world of window frames, both in terms of the opening system and in terms of allowable sizes and diversity of applications. Installing this type of window is sometimes the only way to combine ventilation, brightness and maximizing space.
Tilting windows are used mainly in high places, with difficult access, limited space or in places that require moderate ventilation. Its limited opening becomes an advantage when we need to gain space compared to traditional opening systems (casement windows, for example) or at the security level (hinders malicious intrusions; since it cannot be fully opened, it is a barrier protection against accidents with children, etc).

Tilting windows can be manual or electric. Whatever your option, opening and closing the window will be a simple task, with the window moving almost inaudibly under the axis of rotation.


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