Tempered glass

More safety and design


Hardness and resistance are the keywords that define tempered glass, which offers added security when used on windows or doors.

Tempered glass is produced from ordinary glass: it is subjected to heat treatment (heating process above 700ºC and rapid cooling), making it more resistant to breaking by impact. Tempered glass is up to 5 times more resistant than ordinary glass!
Due to its characteristics, it is considered a safety glass: it has high mechanical resistance (withstands strong impacts, flexion and traction) and thermal (remains stable when exposed to extreme temperatures).

Devoid of frames, tempered glass doors, with a high level of versatility, can be applied in any environment, whether commercial, business or residential spaces.


  • In the event of a break, the tempered glass door does not produce shrapnel: it breaks up into small non-cutting pieces
  • Can be installed without frames and can be used internally and externally
  • Ease of cleaning

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