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Saving space, obtaining a large glass space, improving the connection between the interior and the exterior or simply enjoying the views that your villa offers you, are characteristics of the sliding windows.

They allow easy handling despite supporting high weights throughout the glazing.

This model works by sliding the leaves horizontally. As they open to the sides, they do not occupy internal space in the environments, being ideal for small buildings.

Another advantage is the ability to control the ventilation of the environment by opening the leaves in the sliding windows.

People with reduced mobility benefit from the simple operation of this type of window that opens and closes with a simple movement of hands.

Sliding windows can have several types depending on the number of rails or the sliding system of the leaves, namely:

Monorail: single or 2-leaf sliding windows that slide on a single rail, usually on a fixed side frame or on the wall so that they are hidden when embedded.
Bi-rail: integrate two or more glazed sheets that slide on 2 rails. Depending on the number of sheets used, this option allows you to open a maximum of 50% of the window width.
Tri-rail or Multi-rail: integrate 3 or more sheets that slide on 3 rails or more rails. This solution allows to maximize the useful space of free opening. Depending on the number of sheets used, this option allows you to open at least 2/3 of the window width.
Sliding (tradicional): the leaves slide only sideways by the mechanical action of the bearings.
Sliding-Lift: the leaf is slightly raised before running, thus ensuring better permeability and tightness. The lifting fittings used simultaneously promote the smooth and silent sliding of the leaves. They allow the creation of large insulation solutions and heavy glazing.

Advantages :

  • You can regulate ventilation according to the window opening
  • Suitable solution for works with large openings and heavy glazing
  • Very simple to handle
  • It has several dimensions options
  • Maintenance is minimal

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