style and protection for your home


In order to prevent strong sun exposure, it is opted in most houses, to apply sun protection systems as a complement to the windows. The shutters result in an efficient alternative to traditional blinds.

Whether shuttered or sliding, the shutters provide an aesthetic and innovative solution that guarantees the control of light entry to create shadow areas and maintain the level of comfort inside the building. Simultaneously it allows the perfect connection to the glazed window, its aesthetics fits harmoniously in all types of facades, responding to architectural needs.

Natural ventilation: fixed or adjustable blades by rotary control.

The shutters protect from the sun’s rays, from prying eyes and help to keep the house cool and isolated.


  • Improve thermal or acoustic performance
  • Increase security against intrusion
  • They are an integral part of the aesthetics of building facades
  • Great durability and reliability in operation
  • Effectiveness in cutting through the light (when closed)
  • Reduced maintenance

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