Quick and simple opening


Pivoting windows and doors are a good solution for those looking to add elegance and sophistication to their space.

The pivoting system consists of rotating the sheet around a vertical or horizontal axis that does not coincide with the sides and ends of the sheet, opening partly inwards and outwards. It allows quick and easy opening, easy access for cleaning and can allow the use of large sheets. This versatility is often the ideal option for bolder projects, especially when it comes to the entrances or interiors of contemporary buildings.

The hinges of the pivoting doors are “hidden”, the pivoting system is integrated and fixed at the bottom and top of the door, which makes the door more elegant and gives it a modern and sophisticated look.


  • Very easy to clean internally and externally
  • Modern and sophisticated design
  • Allows for larger doors
  • They take up little space in the use area, as the pivots project part of the door on each side
  • Very practical

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