effectively improve natural lighting


The oscilloparallel system allows combining the high performance of oscillating windows and doors solutions and the sliding movement. Made with casement systems, oscilloparallel windows achieve excellent levels of insulation and airtightness. They are ideal for those who want a sliding door with the benefits of a hinged door.

Designed for optimum performance, oscilloparallel window systems allow the leaf to slide on rails in a plane parallel to the glass. When the window is closed, it can also be placed in the oscillating function for ventilation. This versatility makes windows extremely practical.

System that facilitates the creation of large glazed spaces, with a prominent level of insulation and thermal and acoustic tightness. In addition, thanks to its sealing joints, the sliding of the sheets is smooth and quiet, maintaining all its insulating properties when closed.

Due to their design and conception, the oscilloparallel window and door systems adapt easily to the aesthetic needs of the dwelling, which makes it possible to integrate into more demanding architectural spaces.

The ideal way to improve the natural lighting of a space without compromising its insulation.


    • Adaptation to any type of architecture
    • Combine the thermal and acoustic insulation performance of the system with the added value of the sliding movement
    • Smooth operation
    • Good thermal, acoustic and airtight insulation
    • Capacity of large spans
    • Easy cleaning

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