convenience of movements



Advantages :

  • Total opening of the gap
  • Allow good acoustic and thermal insulation performance
  • Capacity for large spans
  • Maximum input of natural light
  • Flexible opening

The harmonium concept provides the opportunity to combine creative work with high levels of thermal comfort, safety and maximum transparency.
Architects gain even more freedom and flexibility in creating combinations that involve large transparent surfaces and that require several possibilities for opening without visible limits.

The harmonium door is a folding door that fits each space. It allows to create an almost total free passage, without barriers between the interior and the exterior, and to maximize the entry of natural light. In this way, the interior of the house merges with the exterior space in perfect harmony.
Due to their multiple applications and the dimensions they can reach, the harmonic doors are mainly intended for terraces, rooms with access to terraces, pools or gardens.
To optimize the space, the leaves can be moved in an open position to the outside, in order to preserve the entire habitable surface, or to the inside.

Among its characteristics, it stands out the convenience of movements and the ease of handling.


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