Good ventilation and bright environment




  • Allow good ventilation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Avoid infiltration
  • Allow for a brighter environment
  • Easy cleaning of the external face if opening inwards
  • Good air and water tightness
  • Can be used in any environment

Good functionality and proper opening are important requirements to consider at the design stage or when changing the building frames. The opening of a window or door needs to be adapted both to the position of this element in the building as well as to the form that will be used.

As the most common choice on the market, hinged frames, formed by one or more leaves, combine perfectly with light, insulation, watertightness and safety and offer a long service life.

They can be open to the outside or inside, depending on the movement of the leaves. The possibility of full opening, thanks to the rotation axis being located on the side of the sheet (hinges), allows to maximize the useful area of ​​passage (or free area) as well as a quick ventilation of the space. Opening doors to the outside become mandatory in evacuation areas and are widely used in rooms with limited space. In contrast, windows that open to the outside are seldom used due to the difficulty of cleaning.

They are a very common choice for homes, especially if the size of the window opening is important.


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