Indispensables in public buildings


Fires can arise unexpectedly, following earthquakes, lightning, deficiency of technical equipment and installations, criminal origin or even human negligence. In the event of a fire, the buildings must be prepared with fire protection or attenuation systems in common areas, allowing users to leave the building safely.

Fire-resistant doors, as part of escape routes, must be fitted with devices that automatically close them, whether they are normally open or normally closed.

Designed and tested in an optimized program of tests and European certifications, the fire frames aim at a higher level of safety for the users of the buildings. Available as single or double opening doors, panic doors, combined fixed elements, service windows or as glazed partitions.

Due to the unique properties of aluminum – non-flammable material with a melting temperature above 600 degrees, low weight, durability and corrosion resistance – combined with elegance, fire barriers built with aluminum frames are the ideal solution for all projects, and meet the regulations that define a resistance greater than 30 or 60 minutes of fire.

The fireproof time interval is reached by inserting a special insulating material in the profile chambers and by using self-adhesive, water-resistant expansion joints.
The extensive range of combinations and options available offers architects the possibility to design and select the right solution for the project. In addition, a wide choice of accessories and closing elements is available.


  • Provide escape routes for a minimum of 30 or 60 minutes to ensure evacuation
  • 30 ou 60 min of fireproof time interval before fire spreads in or out of the building
  • Allow large dimensions windows and doors

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