Zendow Neo

Very insulating windows

This range, with its new Linktrusion technology, integrates within the main profile alternative solutions to the use of steel reinforcements, which significantly improve the thermal performance and stability of the profiles, guaranteeing perfect rigidity, even in large dimensions.

The result is a significant improvement in thermal performance and a convincing response to the demands of the construction market with regard to sustainable products and guaranteed energy savings.

Everything 100% recyclable.

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The Zendow Neo system thermally insulates about 30% more than traditional PVC windows with metallic reinforcement, without increasing the depth of the window, making it the ideal solution for renovating windows with glass up to 42 mm thick.

Thanks to its innovative composite reinforcement, the weight of the window is reduced by about 40%, increasing the hardware life cycle. And they are 100% recyclable.


Thanks to high performance and quality, F2J’s PVC profile systems have achieved maximum energy insulation for all models, thus helping to solve one of the biggest problems in modern construction: environmental contamination, preserving the health of the inhabitants.

The increase in environmental awareness should make us choose, more and more, products that not only offer guaranteed performance but, in particular, respect the environment.
Many studies have highlighted the effective environmental sustainability of PVC profiles, also reinforced by the possibility of recovery at the end of their useful life, recycling them to produce new products.
For a building, having windows with low Uw transmission values ​​means achieving less energy loss through the window, which translates into significant energy and money savings.
Therefore, PVC windows represent the best sustainable option, due to their combination of high performance and low environmental impact. Thanks to them, energy consumption for heating and cooling is reduced, and significant savings are achieved.
Whoever uses PVC windows contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases, helping the planet itself.

The windows made with the Zendow Neo system protect you from the annoying outside noise. The acoustic attenuation achieved allows you to isolate your home, even in areas with high acoustic contamination such as the surroundings of an airport.


Sheet: 70 mm
70 mm
5 on the leaf and 5 on the rim
Water tight:
Class 7A
Air permeability:
Class 4
Wind resistance:
Class C5
Thermal insulation:
Uf (W / m²K) = 1.00
Steel wire and compacted PVC
Reference tests:
1400 x 1400 stop oscillation 2 h

Finished and timeless colors
The color of your windows gives your home the character that lasts over time. Enjoy the lasting persistence of our colors, which adapt perfectly to all architectural styles.

With more than 45 available colors grouped into 5 finishing families, F2J offers you the widest range of aesthetic solutions to reflect your style in colors inspired by nature, in order to adapt perfectly to the needs of your facade, both outside and inside. And a long life cycle with a minimum of maintenance.

  • Wood finish – Nature with a minimum of maintenance
  • Metallic finish – Specially adapted for restorations
  • Smooth color finish – The brightness of colors
  • Mass finishing – Color and profile in one

See more information HERE.

Minimal maintenance
PVC is a material very resistant to the action of atmospheric agents, which facilitates its maintenance. The color finishes are resistant over the years. Our varnishes reflect solar radiation instead of absorbing it.


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